Dr.Artan Jahollari

Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department

He was born in 1980 and completed his primary and secondary education in Tirana. He completed the Faculty of General Medicine in Ankara at the Gulhane Medical Academy, completing his studies in 2005. Then, in the same hospital center, he completed a 6-year specialization in cardio-vascular surgery, graduating in 2011. year he worked as a specialist surgeon in Kosovo and Turkey and since 2017 he has been attached to the staff of the American Hospital3. He is a member of the European and Turkish Association of Cardio-Vascular Surgery and at the same time author and co-author of many international publications. The field of interest includes adult cardiac surgery, endovascular interventions in the aorta, surgery of peripheral arteries and veins, dialysis surgery. The foreign languages he possesses are English, Turkish, Italian.